Cocaine And Fentanyl Found By 7-Year-Old Boy In A Sandwich Shop

What would you do if you found a giant bag of illegal drugs in your lunch?

This was the dilemma a 7-year-old faced when he went with his mother to get chips and a sandwich at their local Subway shop.

Last week, Henry Marrero-Rodriguez was arrested over a year after he left a bag of dangerous and illegal drugs in a sandwich shop. Marrero-Rodriguez dropped the drugs in a Subway store in Connecticut. A 7-year-old boy later discovered the bag, according to police.

Because of the child’s discovery, Henry Marrero-Rodriguez, 47, was charged with risk of injury to a minor, as well as possession of narcotics/controlled substance. The original incident took place in November 2017 at a Subway location in East Haven, Connecticut. The Subway store manager called police immediately that day when a customer informed him that her 7-year-old child found a bag containing several smaller bags of suspicious white powder.

The boy told his mother he found the bag in the chip display. Not knowing what it was, he played with the drugs before showing them to his mother. Luckily, he did not ingest any of the substances. The police who responded to the call determined that the bags contained both cocaine and Fentanyl, a dangerous narcotic similar to heroin.

The police were able to identify Marrero-Rodriguez from Subway’s surveillance video, which showed him in the shop only minutes before the little boy found the bag of drugs. The video clearly shows Marrero-Rodriguez reaching for his cell phone in his pockets when the bag falls out and into the chip display. Marrero-Rodriguez was accompanied by an unidentified woman who left the shop with them. Neither seemed to notice that the drugs had fallen into the chip display.

Marrero-Rodriguez bail was set at $50,000 bail and appeared before a judge the day after his arrest. It is unknown to the public at this time why it took over a year for police to arrest Marrero-Rodriguez.