Grandmother Buying Heroin With Two Year Old Child

Volusia County, Florida has suffered from an increase of drug-related incidents in recent years, and stories like this have been presenting themselves more and more. Drugs have been running rampant and affect everyone, even people you would not expect.

All too often, children end up involved with these drugs when they should be tucked in safe at home or playing with toys. You never know what drives people to seek out drugs with their children tagging along, but they get caught doing it more and more.

Drug abuse in Florida is taking over, even when it comes to parenting. A Volusia County sheriff’s deputy happened to be passing by when a woman was purchasing drugs from a drug dealer.

The woman he spotted, 43-year old Amy Moreland, had her toddler grandson in tow as she purchased a small $20 bag of heroin.

Drug deals can go wrong at the drop of a hat for many separate reasons, and it is insane to think that people would be willing to bring innocent children into situations like that. Then, of course, there is using the drugs when they should be around for the children as well.

The two-year-old grandson was sitting behind the driver’s seat in full view of the drug deal. The deputy arrested Moreland, and she confessed to having purchased heroin with her grandchild present.

This means she was charged with unlawful neglect of a child for having her grandchild present, and she was arrested for drug possession and had a drug paraphernalia charge as well. That’s worrisome because she could have meant to use the heroin while still in the car with the tiny tot?

Immediately the cop started berating Moreland, which can be heard on his body camera video.

The deputy explained that if there was fentanyl in the heroin, then it was five times more toxic to the baby than it was to the adult. The bag accidentally opening in his presence could cause him to breathe it in and potentially die.

The dangers of drugs coming into contact with children are very real, and parents need to consider that before rushing out on a dope run. It isn’t fair to put their children at risk like that, and they seriously need to start taking responsibility for their actions. The world can be disgusting these days.