Conducting Meetings with Foreign Clients

As a purchasing consultant, author and foreign customers have visited hundreds of companies in different industries and factories all over the country visit and negotiate business, large industry leaders of tens of thousands of employees of large State-owned enterprises, from small private production enterprise of dozens of people. Entertain guests, make the atmosphere congenial business meeting these aspects of nature, trust and propriety Florafox companies could do is put in place. However, during the process of discussion and factory visits, there are some common factors often affect the quality of meetings and customer impressions of the factory.

Is the author of the following individuals in personal experiences summarized in some ideas and maybe wanting to explore foreign markets, inspire development in foreign trade enterprises:

1. Preparation


(1). understanding customer intentions in advance. Before the customers arrive, learn good visit time, number of personnel, positions and meeting to explore content, does the customer have translations, are there any other special requirements, logistical requirements, such as transfers, hotel arrangements, and so on.


(2). access arrangements. After being fully informed of the above information, it should begin as soon as possible the implementation, including computer support personnel, visiting steps, talks about how much time, visited the factory of approximately how much time to the airport or the hotel needs a lot of time to arrange lunch dinner time required, and so on. Arrangement is completed, you can interact with your customers in order to confirm or modify each other.


Although all  are details ,but do these preparations can make meetings more efficient, reduce the waste of time, at the same time, giving clients the impression is very professional, and trustworthy. I've a factory, project manager forgot customer call time, when the customers arrived, he was on leave, and leave without handing over to other colleagues. So you can imagine how impressed customers factory, regardless of how low price, customers will not consider co-operating with the factory.