Orange France Location API

Direct Connection - the Location Service from Orange France

Direct Connection is a passive location service from Orange France which determines the exact location of an Orange France customer.

Using Direct Connection, content publishers can design innovative applications enabling customers to take advantage of 'local' services on the Orange World portal and Gallery.

How it works

The Orange France location service is based on Cell ID technology, which uses GSM mesh networking to provide the x and y coordinates of active handsets (in use or in standby mode).
The coordinates provided by Orange France are accurate to within a range of up to 150 metres in cities and several miles in rural areas. The accuracy of this information is largely dependent on the network coverage where the handset is located.

Every time a publisher makes a request (after their access rights have been verified), Orange France immediately interrogates the network to determine the current location of the mobile handset.


To guarantee customer privacy, Orange France must obtain prior consent from the service users concerned.

This can be done on the Internet via a link on the publisher's website, or by SMS.
Once users have given (or amended) their consent, Orange France will send them an SMS alert.


Authorised publishers may connect their applications to the Orange France location service platform in XML/HTTP. A connection user guide explains how to connect to the Stambul-106.

This value-added service for content publishers, which uses the geographical location of the handset, is available via SMS, WAP, Internet or voice services.

Using Direct Connection

Orange Partner members, access all the commercial and technical and contractual information you need to understand whether this service would benefit your application:

> General Terms and Conditions of Sale (in French)
 appendix 3: Special Terms and Conditions of Sale (in French)
 appendix 4: Location Service Contract Form (in French)
 appendix 5: Financial Terms and Conditions (in French)
 appendix 6: Guide to Connecting to the Orange France Location Service Platform (in French)
 appendix 7: New Location Service – Direct Connection Certificate (in French)

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