NetFront Browser and Web 2.0

In case it's not obvious, this topic is a place where you can introduce yourself to the community. So I'll start.

I'm Tom Chavez, Sr. Product Manager at ACCESS Systems Americas, the U.S. branch of ACCESS Co Ltd. We are in Sunnyvale, California.

I work in our Developer Ecosystem group and am the product manager for our SDK, tools and Java releases for ACCESS Linux Platform. I also work on website content, application signing, and more.

You'll find me at tradeshows, in webinars, and here on the site where I'll answer your questions if I can or try to get an answer for those I cannot.

I am looking forward to learning all I can about various mobile applications  I am looking to develop simple webpages for individuals' cellphones, so if anyone would like to participate....let me know!

My name is Glen Peters. I am the Development Team Leader at Great Big Solutions Ltd. We develop software for logging training progress in the Health Sciences field. We have a Garnet OS application, running on handhelds and smartphones, that uses a Com Conduit to HotSync to a web-hosted database

I'm looking to develop software to replace the paper passenger manifests of a local Sr Citizen Shared Ride program. Right now, I just looking to do a Proof of Concept program that we can use to see where the problems could bite use.

I am sure you can sort it out. Make sure you spend time on learning how Palm Databases work and learn the memory management basics (MemPtrNew, MemPtrFree, MemHandleNew, etc). Also study the SDK samples and read the Zen of Palm and the UI Guidelines doc. These are important resources for a successful app. Research using list controls as that is the most likely/easy interface for what you will need to do.

Hi! I'm nothing big, just a starting hobbyist programmer looking for little ways to make my life easier since I'm practically IV'd to my computer. I've done some simple C programming and a little Q Basic back when I was a kid. I start getting into rough patches with object-oriented programming, so this will be interesting. The area that I'm having a tough time with right now is learning about the Palm database system and how it works. But I hope to have this figured out in no time!

Hi! I am an Electronics Engineer from the Philippines. I have developed electronic systems using microcontrollers and microprocessors but have not developed any application for palm yet. I think it is cool if I could develop an application with Palm OS and I hope you guys could help me learn.

My name is Robert Drummond. I the international sales manager for Evermore Software. China's leading developer of Office software technology.

We have developed an Office Suite in Java that we have already ported to the Symbian OS and are looking at other operating systems. In particular those related to Mobile internet devices.

Our original product EIOffice has been around for eight years. Developed in Java it runs on Windows and Linux operating systems.

I'm a computer science student at Slippery Rock University of PA. I'm looking to get ALP running on my Palm T|X, and possibly (hopefully) port some of my favorite Linux software too it. I'm most interested in running the epiphany web browser, as in my opinion it is the fastest available today and the most simplistic, so porting would be easier