NetFront Browser and Web 2.0

NetFront Browser is the most advanced, versatile, and powerful Internet browser available in the mobile market

NetFront Browser and Web 2.0


NetFront Browser is the most advanced, versatile, and powerful Internet browser available in the mobile market. Specifically designed and optimized to deliver high performance in resource-constrained environments, NetFront Browser supports almost any OS and CPU and offers low power consumption, easy customization, and a broad range of plug-ins. NetFront Browser has been deployed in millions of Internet devices throughout the world including mobile phones, digital TVs, set-top boxes, mobile handhelds, game consoles, automobile telematics systems and many other Internet devices.

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The NetFront Browser Advantage

Optimized for Mobile
NetFront Browser is the optimized browser solution which offers “Full Internet Experience” for an embedded device, especially mobile devices. NetFront Browser is designed especially for embedded devices to overcome restrictions like CPU speed or memory, and offers best performance and extensive features with a compact code size that is ideally suited for mobile devices than the downsized desktop browser solutions. End-user can experience the same rich Internet Services as a desktop on mobile devices.

Flexible Configuration and Easy Portability
NetFront Browser's highly modular and scalable software architecture enables developers to pick and choose only needed components for their target devices. Should more memory savings be required, modules containing code for unneeded functions can be removed and the code base and memory requirements are reduced. Should new markup support be required, it’s easy to add an additional module. NetFront Browser's high portability is also a key contributor to its popularity in the mobile space. The two key NetFront Browser components that enable this portability are:

  1. SLIM interface, which encapsulates the dependence to the target platform and provides high portability and tightly integration capability for developers.
  2. PWS (Plate Window System)/AWS (Abstract Windows System), the window system API that generalizes and settles the differences in window manipulations from the underlying operating system. In addition, NetFront Browser can incorporate an exhaustive set of low-level libraries including WAVE, ACCESS' own windowing system. This means that NetFront Browser can run on the barest of operating systems. On operating systems that do provide the functionality, such as those found on mobile handhelds, these libraries are simply stripped out so no unnecessary code is deployed.

Key Benefits

For End-Users
Offers the fastest, rich and intuitive, full-Internet browsing experience and services on mobile devices.

For Device Manufacturers
Provides a modularized architecture, easy integration, extensibility, compact footprint, and reliable and proven solution on all major platforms and operating systems.

For Mobile Operators
Introduces quite an extensive and fully customizable data services platform and consistent end-user experience across multiple device types.

For Contents Providers
Contributes a rich contents rendering platform for embedded device.

Highly Customizable UX and Branding Opportunities

With NetFront Browser's modular architecture, the core browser engine which provides the essential functionalities of Web browser such as networking, content rendering is completely independent from the upper application and user-interface layers. This means that the user-interface and application layer can be easily developed or modified to meet particular requirements or customization. It even enables a developer to create the entirely new application based on the same NetFront Browser Technology as being used in all NetFront Browser products. For device manufactures, ensures a differentiated product with minimal engineering effort. For the mobile operator, this means that a monolithic, consistent application user interface can be defined across all types of device. End-users will experience almost identical functionality not only about powerful browsing ability but also about usability regardless of the device used - more at NetFront Browser supports you to make an attractive device with full Internet experiences.


Adapted for "Web 2.0"
Web 2.0 is the next-generation of the Web and also widely recognized as a next-generation service framework, based on the view of the Web as a platform. Consumers today can experience many innovative Internet services collectively called "Web 2.0 services" which feature rich user-interfaces delivered through the Web browser on their desktop PCs. Web 2.0 services promise to become very popular throughout the mobile world. However, considering the restricted characteristics of mobile devices, it will be difficult to deliver a PC-like Web 2.0 experience as is. In order to fully leverage the potential of Web 2.0 on mobile devices, it will be necessary to transform the service model and user experience of the PC and adapt it for the mobile market while also overcoming the following two issues: The memory restrictions inherent in mobile devices and limited key input. When considered from this viewpoint, NetFront Browser is the best solution for supporting Web 2.0 services on mobile devices to achieve reasonable performance and usability since its architecture is optimized for mobile devices. NetFront Browser offers the best value for the Web 2.0 mobile ecosystem, including network operators, handset vendors, content providers and end-users.

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Column Rendering
When viewing content in the previous desktop mode, text often exceeded the screen width, requiring repeated use of the scroll bar. This issue has been resolved, and functionality has been dramatically improved.

  • Text content (or news) is rendered to fit the width of the screen using a line break function.

  • Column Rendering renders almost exactly what you would see on a PC while also supporting vertical scrolling.


Stick Navigation

  • The stick-to-column function ensures that text displays well on the screen when columns are close together. Moving between columns has never been easier.


Smart-Fit Rendering™
Browsing Web sites developed for desktop PCs on mobile devices is a difficult and frustrating experience, so NetFront Browser includes Smart-Fit Rendering technology. Smart-Fit Rendering intelligently adapts standard Web pages to fit the screen width of any mobile device enabling an intuitive and rapid vertical scrolling process, without degrading the quality or usability of the pages being browsed.

Embedded AJAX Support
NetFront Browser provides seamless support for Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) an open standard Web development technique using XHTML, CSS and JavaScript that enables the creation of highly efficient interactive Web applications. Ajax technology shifts a significant amount of application functionality to the client from the web server, which means that Web pages do not have to reload entirely upon each end-user interaction. Ajax technology dynamically increases a Web application's interactivity, speed, and usability.

For more information on Embedded Ajax download the PDF brochure.