Woman Floats Baby Down The River Under Influence Of Drugs

The story of Moses and the river is a popular and well-known one. According to the Bible, Moses’ mother saved him from certain death at the hands of Egyptian officials (ordered to kill the firstborn son of every family) by weaving a basket, placing the baby inside, and floating him down the river. He was discovered and saved by the Pharaoh’s own wife and led a life of luxury and privilege.

Perhaps Alejandra Hernandez was thinking of the story of Moses when she sent her baby down St. John’s River on an inner tube; or maybe she was just high on methamphetamine. The incident was nearly fatal for the child.

Hernandez faces a sentence of up to 10 years in prison for floating her 7-month-old on an inner tube in the river in June 2018. She has been charged with child endangerment, child abuse and being found under the influence of an illegal controlled substance (methamphetamine).

Friends and family were with Hernandez at the time of the incident. Police were called when the baby went underwater, and everyone lost sight of him.

A family friend found the baby and pulled him to shore. The family was able to revive the 7-month-old, who luckily survived the horrifying incident.

Hernandez exhibited impaired and questionable judgment by placing her infant in a flotation device in the river when the device was clearly designed for a swimming pool and older children. Hernandez provided a urine sample, which came back positive for methamphetamine.

Hernandez was arrested in March 2019. It is unknown at this time why it took so long for the police to investigate the incident and make an arrest. It is also unknown if Hernandez has had custody of her baby since the incident up until her arrest.

If convicted, Hernandez could be facing up to 10 years in prison.